Monday, October 5, 2009

First Year Classes


Anatomy is a lot of memory work but I still find it interesting. It's fun to study because it's not as abstract as other classes. You can observe the things you learn in anatomy immediately on you own body. It's amazing how everything is there for a reason. It makes sense to learn about such a complicated and elegant system.


I'm currently struggling in this course. It is cool to look at slides through the microscope. It's another thing to care about what I'm observing. I think that I've made the wrong associations in my mind related to this course. If I could make studying histology a more pleasurable experience than I'm sure I'd do better. In either case, I have to do better if I want to finish medical school.
I was watching histology videos which are supposed to compliment my regular studies (not replace them). Here's the video site:


This class is pretty cool. This instructor keeps it pretty light. Also, it's about everybody's favorite subject -> sex! However, in this class, I've noticed the dogmatic philosophy of medicine. I have some questions about some of the stuff we've been taught. I've heard conflicting information elsewhere. Particular from Robin Baker's book "Sperm Wars." Also, doesn't the moon have something to do with a woman's cycle. Furthermore, what about the Tibetan point of view regarding embryology?....There's lots of information out there. I think for now I will become what they define as a 'North American Doctor.' Later, I will take a Jeet-kune-do approach, applying all the best medical practices from the various healing disciplines....

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