Friday, January 22, 2010

Medical Biochemistry

This class is kind of a drag. I don't have a really strong background in this here stuff (I took undergraduate 'intro to biochem' about 7 years ago!)

Like I said in my previous post, I really like learning from videos and, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has some great ones! Follow this link:

Here's a good one!:

Another good website with lots of animations relevant to medical studies can be found at:

Yeah so...wish me luck in this class!


Neurology is a really cool class. There's lots to remember though!
I learn best by watching videos. There's a lot of cool educational video found at the following website:

Another cool animation site is:
There's some good free samples but, you have to pay for the real-deal animations.

Another cool thing we learned in Neurology is that, in the CNS, the oligodendrocytes create the myelin sheath on the neuron:

This medical artist is sweet. Looks like he used colour pencils. Reminds me of comic book art! I can't make out the signature. If I could, I would definately love to see more from this artist. If you know the name of the artist, write it in the comments!

Second Semester Class: Physiology

So, I passed all my classes. Yeah! Woohoo!

I'm not too worried about this physiology class. It's some pretty basic physics. Diffusion, elasticity, pressure...Pretty much you just plug stuff into equations and you're good to go. i.e. read the questions, extract the variables, plug them in to formula and you get an A (hope, hope).

Once the course picks up a bit it should get more interesting. I'm interested in learning more about what happens to your physiology while you're scuba diving. Diving is a big interest of mine. I blog about scuba here. Check it out!

Right now were learning about the respiratory system. Check out the following picture of a really cool macrophage found in the lung (dust cell):