Sunday, October 4, 2009

Studying Medicine at St. Matthew's University in the Cayman Islands

If you're passionate about pursuing a career as a medical doctor. Why not go to the Caribbean to study? It' very beautiful in the Cayman Islands and there are lots of recreational activities to be done. Some activities include: Scuba diving, kitesurfing, and bar hopping. Another advantage is that the entry requirements are less competitive here. So, if you were not serious about your studies in the past, you still can make it as a doctor.

Once you get here, realize that you will have to spend time studying. As a student you'll be using the majority of your waking-hours making cue-cards and reviewing power point presentations. It's still fun though. You'll meet lots of people in the same situation as you and they will easily become your friends.

On the other hand. It is a small island! It won't take long to get to know everyone so if you humiliate yourself, or get a bad reputation, the gossip will get you!

No biggie though. I hear that you can easily transfer to another school since there are so many schools across different islands.


  1. What led to you selecting SMU over other institutions in the area?

    T. Hagen
    AUA - Caribbean Medical Schools Liason

  2. Hi Spencer, I'm curious to know if there are any Caribbean-based medical journals? I know of the West Indian Medical Journal, but that't it... any others?


  3. Hey Tom Hagen. I chose SMU over the other schools because I sensed that the island was more developed. I assumed that being more developed, there would be better parties (more single chicks).

    Also, I got in here....

  4. Hi Spencer,
    I look forward to reading your blog. Nice to see what you're up to.
    Are there really more single chicks at SMU than other island universities?